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Detroit native, James Abke graduated from the College for Creative Studies and immediately began his journey in the world of commercial photography. 

Thrilled to utilize his skills in the darkroom, he managed both an E6 line and printed B&W images for newspaper reproduction. James soon became a studio rental manager working with an inspiring lineup of nationally recognized automotive, fashion and tabletop photographers.

While working as an associate photographer, he landed a job that brought him to California to shoot car interiors for Chevy. This experience inspired a cross country move and paved the way for his future interests.

As digital technology evolved, James embraced the limitless possibilities that digital photography offered and focused his attention on becoming a Digital Tech.


Establishing a company around the idea of a compact, efficient and streamlined workflow led to the creation of en route media inc. in 2014. 

en route media inc. specializes in unique digital capture workstations, camera packages and photo rentals. Our creative workflow and how we match up shooting scenarios and solutions truly sets us apart. The sweet spot is to have all the bases covered while not being burdened with too much gear.

Coming of age in commercial photography has inspired a polished and intelligent workflow. Our custom Mercedes Metris Tech Van takes this idea to the next level. Not only is it a mobile video village, it's payload capacity rivals that of any cargo van.

A compact, efficient and fast-moving approach to digital capture is what separates en route media inc. from other Digital Capture companies.

What To Expect

en route media inc. takes great pride in providing an array of digital capture solutions that fit into the budget and workflow of any production. Along with meticulous prep work and follow through, our attention is always focused on how to create a better end result for our clients.

We partner with the top rental houses in Los Angeles to provide (in most cases) 24/7 access to the most extensive and highest quality pro photo rental gear available.

Camera systems from Phase One, Hasselblad, Canon and Nikon are available as well as unique photo rental and lighting packages. Just send us your gear order and we'll arrive at location with everything packed and ready to go. 

We offer the best solutions in L.A. for all your camera, digital capture and lighting needs. We look forward to working with you!