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Digital Tech and Commercial Still Photographer



I'm from Detroit... and I ran directly from the College for Creative Studies into the world of automotive advertising. I started right away in the darkroom, running an E6 line and printing B&W images for newspaper reproduction. I couldn't get enough. I soon became the studio manager and assisted for the three photographers who owned the stage.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1995 to shoot car interiors but soon developed a fascination for racing and shooting cars on location. There was always a new system to implement in order to get the shot so my attention to detail and desire for optimal efficiency was born.

After years of amazing experiences with cars, film, and Polaroid, I began to look towards the future of photography and in 2003 focused my efforts on the digital domain.


How much fun can we have today? For me, the fun begins the minute a call comes in for a shoot. I appreciate so much the tools I have to offer, so my favorite thing to do is to match up scenarios and solutions.

For me, there is always such great satisfaction in having all the bases covered while not being burdened with too much gear. I really think that's the sweet spot I've come to in developing a compact, efficient and fast moving approach to Digital Capture.

So I built a custom tech van to support that vision and it has taken every aspect of what I do to the next level. It's half the size of a Sprinter with the ability to transition from spacious cargo van to Video Village in just a few minutes... while still being able to park in a standard parking structure.

What To Expect

Expect the unexpected. I take a lot of pride in what I do and put in the time before the job to make sure everything is just right - from prepping the Digital Tech workstations to setting up the capture session - it's a lot more fun to do that in advance!

I am very fortunate to have great Rental Partners such as SYNCphotorental.com and a Digi Tech's dream vendor, Digital Transitions. Between those two rental houses, I am connected to the most extensive and highest quality rental gear in L.A. - period.

It's literally like having access to a 24/7 photo wonderland. Everything from continuous and strobe lighting to the biggest, baddest cameras and in the world are right at our fingertips. So expect things to go really, really well. It's gonna be a blast!